4 Areas of Construction & Development That Are Often Overlooked

With the right approach, building or remodeling a property can be exciting. From choosing the right plot of land to finalizing the smaller details, your construction project can feel like the start of a new chapter.

But how can you ensure your construction remains as stress-free as possible and doesn’t keep hitting roadblocks along the way? In our expert opinion, it’s all about nailing down those important details early.

While the right contractor will be able to help keep things on track and spot any red flags early, it’s important not to overlook details that fall on you as the project owner to manage. 

Even the most professional contractor will still need your input as the project owner on details that can make a big difference to your design, so be prepared for these questions ahead of time is a great way to streamline the process.

So, what are some commonly overlooked details during the construction and development process? Our team is here with the answers you need.

1. Land quality

One aspect of your build that commonly gets overlooked is the quality of the land your construction team will be working on. Often selected before your team comes on board, you’d be surprised by how much land quality can impact the progress of your construction project.

Especially in areas such as New York and New Jersey where land in the suburbs is in high demand, plots close to local amenities with backyard space are being snapped up fast. This is resulting in prospective home builders not fully evaluating the quality of their land before making a purchase.

While it may still be possible for your project delivery team to overcome issues caused by land quality and make adjustments as needed, this can significantly impact your costs and timeline.

To avoid this and improve your chances of your build running smoothly, consider:

  • Hiring a civil engineer to evaluate soil quality/ general conditions for drainage
  • Checking zoning regulations to ensure the land is fit for purpose
  • Assessing the cost of connecting your property to public utilities, e.g. sewage systems, electricity, water
  • Checking with a construction team how features such as sloping might impact your build

2. The importance of a functional floor plan

When building a residential or commercial property in New York or anywhere in the five boroughs, your project’s floor plan is a crucial aspect of your design. However, while many project owners focus on the flow of space and the cost of adding additional rooms, functionality is often overlooked.

For example, not all employees will favor an open floor plan in commercial buildings. An error like this can not only affect employee productivity, it can also result in costly changes later on. This is why when creating a floor plan for your build or remodel, it’s essential to consider the people that use the space most and determine your floor plan based on this.

Other practical details such as storage will also be important for your property’s design. While open-plan, minimalist layouts will work for some property owners, for others, extra storage and privacy will always be necessary. 

Even though these features can be added to minimalist spaces later, the earlier you consider your practical needs, the better! In sought-after areas such as New York, making the most of your vertical or horizontal floor plan means considering your use of space at every level. 

Other details we suggest project owners consider when formulating their design concept:

  • Could the function of your property change in the future? e.g., Could your home office need to function as a child’s bedroom in a few years?
  • If your property has an open-plan kitchen, are you being realistic about how much storage you’ll need?
  • Have you considered effective insulation in areas such as the basement or attic in case there’s a need for future room additions?

3. Lighting, plumbing, and electrics

Whether you’re building a new structure or remodeling an existing building, it’s essential to work with your architect to visualize the ‘bigger picture’ of your design and mitigate risks. 

Plumbing and electrics

For example, when it comes to plumbing and electrics, it’s crucial to consider these elements as early as possible to ensure your final design can accommodate your desired vision. From where your radiators are positioned to where a fuse box might need to be placed, your architect will need to know how your space needs to function in order to optimize their design. 

Environmental factors

In addition to installing and integrating plumbing and electrics, it’s also essential to consider how environmental factors can impact your design. From the position of your windows to understanding the sun’s movement around your property, make sure your architect adapts your design to make the best use of the natural elements.

Architectural lighting

Natural lighting isn’t all property owners need to consider. Another overlooked aspect of construction is how artificial lighting decisions can affect your final design.

Falling under the term ‘architectural lighting’, a strategic use of design and technology is essential for elevating a space’s look, feel, and functionality. Take the wrong approach to architectural lighting and your entire construction can feel less impactful.

This is why when developing architectural drawings, a good architect will:

  • Design your layout with both natural and artificial lighting in mind
  • Guide you on the latest sustainable and technologically-advanced options 
  • Ensure you’ve considered how aspects such as ceiling height will impact your choice of lighting
  • Help you visualize your final space with comprehensive development plans containing details you might otherwise miss

4. Health considerations

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we understand the importance of ensuring your home is aesthetic, functional, and contributes to your overall quality of life.

Something we find project owners commonly overlook is how essential it is to consider air quality and the risk of mold in New York and New Jersey homes. While a reputable construction firm will already have these details in mind, it’s still important to check with your team that good ventilation, humidity control, and moisture are all considered during your build.

If your construction firm is local to the area, they’ll likely have a network of contractors and subcontractors they can call upon to cater to any HVAC or ventilation needs you might have. However, if it’s a case where you need to research a subcontractor for yourself, consider the following:

  • Ensure your contractors have all the required licenses and certifications
  • Seek out advice on which systems of ventilation, heating, and air conditioning best suit your local climate and property’s needs
  • Evaluate how certain systems might impact your building’s energy rating

Tip: If you’re using a local construction and development firm, mention HVAC contractors you’re researching to your project delivery team first. If they’re from the locality, they may have already worked with these teams and will be able to offer advice on the standard of their work.

How Argo Construction & Development guarantees no detail of your build is overlooked

With a full team of architects, construction experts, and even site managers — we work with you to ensure every aspect of your dream property is taken into account. Also offering assistance with tasks such as land purchasing, our design, development, and construction services help define the full potential of your project.

Serving both residential and commercial projects in the New York and New Jersey areas, our portfolio encompasses what design-forward, functional, and sustainable properties should look like. 

Whether you’re looking for help with a luxury property development or have a residential project that requires our professional touch, speak with a member of our team today to find out what makes us different.

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